King Bolete Vegetable Soup

(Porcini, Cepe, Steinpilz, Pennybun, etc.)
by Charmoon Richardson




Place all stock ingredients into deep saucepan or soup pot. Bring to boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes. Peel and chop the garlic and carrot, and add to the simmering stock after 30 minutes. Simmer, covered, for about 5 minutes. Clean and chop the beans, red pepper and zucchini. After the first 5 minutes add pasta noodles and green beans, return to simmer for 5 minutes, add squash and bell pepper, cook for 5 minutes more (test pasta for tenderness), and serve with grated Parmesan.

Additional ideas

  1. Simply break up bolete mushroom pieces, and add to a simmering spaghetti or red sauce. Cook for ½ hour or more.
  2. Make a great bolete risotto! Cook the rice with hot stock made from the dried bolete tubes (as outlined in the soup recipe). Before using, strain boletes and onion from stock, and add to the risotto near the end of the cooking time.
  3. Break up and cook with any liquidy sauce or soup that would benefit from the rich mushroom flavor! The liquids will absorb the flavors of the boletes as they cook.

About the chef

Charmoon Richardson is a SOMA member and owner of Wild About Mushrooms. Charmoon has been collecting and studying wild mushrooms in Northern California for over 25 years. He teaches mushroom identification, is a past president of SOMA, wrote a column for SOMA News about mushroom foraging and cooking, and was the organizer of SOMA Camp for a number of years.