Foray Report: Sept. 23, 2006

by Darvin DeShazer

The first foray of the new season was a nice one! The weather was beautiful and Salt Point State Park was a great place to be on the first day of autumn. Conks were the most common fungi found, but enough chanterelles were gathered for Patrick Hamilton (AKA MycoChef) to cook up a fresh, hot dish. MycoChef also brought a bolete pasta dish that was warm and fantastic! Speaking of boletes, two Boletus edulis were found today.

To relive the mushrooms of the day, visit Mushroom Observer and see 15 photos taken from the list below.

Foray Recipes

Species List

  1. Amanita constricta
  2. Armillaria sinapina
  3. Boletus edulis
  4. Cantharellus cibarius
  5. Cantharellus formosus
  6. Cryptoporus volvatus
  7. Fomitopsis pinicola
  8. Ganoderma applanatum
  9. Ganoderma oregonense
  10. Heterobasidion annosum
  11. Phellinus pini
  12. Pisolithus arhizus
  13. Russula chloroides
  14. Russula cyanoxantha
  15. Stereum hirsutum
  16. Trametes versicolor
  17. Trichaptum abietinum
  18. Unknown Polypore