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Next Meeting: November 21 2019

Speaker: Thea Chesney

Topic: Mushrooming in the Sierra Nevada (and Beyond)

From snowbanks in early spring to meadows at the peak of summer to the foothills in fall and winter, California's mountains hold many distinct habitats, and wonderful mushroom diversity throughout the seasons. This talk will introduce some of the specialized habitats and the curious mushrooms that call them home. Thea will also include a basic introduction to mushroom ecology, discuss the limits of our knowledge of montane fungi, and encourage folks to help with citizen science efforts to document what's out there.

Thea Chesney is a lifelong Sierra Nevada foothill resident and naturalist. Her childhood interest in local mushrooms, wildlife, and flora has transformed into an unending devotion to the natural world. She earned her BS in forestry from UC Berkeley while pursuing her passion for fungal taxonomy in the Berkeley mycology labs, and since then has spent her time exploring the California mountains and the organisms that call them home. She currently works for the Forest Service as a botanist on a long term, state-wide meadow monitoring project. She continues to be particularly fascinated by the plants and fungi of the Sierra Nevada and other mountains of California, and is currently working on a field guide to mushrooms of these understudied regions.

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  • Dr. Donald Kowalski, Ph.D., California State University Chico, emeritus. "California Slime Molds."
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  • 2003