2025 SOMA Camp Work Exchange

Work Exchange status is closed

Work Exchange positions for the 2025 SOMA Camp have been filled.

About Work Exchange

Thank you for your interest in helping out at SOMA's Camp this coming year. As this is a very popular and well attended event, we only have a limited number of work exchange positions each year. In order to secure your position, please fill out the application as soon as possible; we do need to hear from you by no later than October 31st. Once we have your application, we will try our best to find a suitable position for you and provide you with the information required in order to sign up (officially) as a volunteer through our website.

Volunteer/Work Exchange Selection

Returning SOMA Camp volunteers will be given a priority as it reduces the training required and makes for a smoother more cohesive camp to have individuals Who know what needs to be done, know how to do it, and have proven their reliability. For the new or non-returning SOMA camp volunteers the process is FIFO (first in, first out) though we do give priority to student volunteers (five positions reserved for students only). This year we will also be giving a higher priority to applicants with more availability and applicants who can perform multiple volunteer tasks.


Thank you and Regards,
Sandy Grant
SOMA Volunteer Coordinator