Cooking with Wild Mushrooms

Patrick Hamilton cooking mushrooms

Patrick Hamilton sautés up some chanterelles.
Photo © Tom Sargis.

For mushroom enthusiasts, perhaps one of the favorite activities after a long day foraging for wild mushrooms is cooking them up into a variety of dishes. Wild mushrooms have a spectrum of flavors and aromas that are unmatched by the tamer cultivated varieties you find in the supermarket.

We've provided here a few cooking resources for those who are either just getting started, or already know their way around a morel. Check out the recipes, cookbooks, and list of local edibles to the right, and start enjoying your wild harvest today!

Poisonous Mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms occur in Sonoma County. You should never eat a wild mushroom unless you're absolutely certain of its identity. As the saying goes: When it doubt, throw it out! If you're concerned about a mushroom you, your child, or even your dog has eaten, check out our Poisoning page for resources on getting it identified.

Mushroom Recipes

On to the good stuff! Check out some wild mushroom recipes from our members. Recipes »

SOMA Culinary Group

If you're a SOMA member, you can join the Culinary Group to learn more about cooking with mushrooms through classes, tasting, and dinners.