Mushroom Forays

SOMA mushroom forays are field trips to collect wild mushrooms with knowledgeable fungi folk. Forays provide a great opportunity to get out in the woods in a friendly atmosphere to learn the ins and outs of identifying and collecting mushrooms. Our forays are always open to the public, and we welcome all ages, experience levels, and interests. Check out the events calendar for the next foray.

Foraging, identifying, and eating

Specimen table after a foray at Salt Point State Park

Specimen table after a foray at Salt Point State Park.

At a typical foray we sort ourselves into several groups led by foray leaders who know the trails. After about two hours of foraging we gather back with our fungal finds and showcase them on the specimen table. An i.d. session/class comes right after the pot luck (around 1:30).

The potluck lunch is another fun part of the day with the gathering and sharing of food and foray stories. Usually right before the i.d. session (around 12:30) a main mushroom dish for everyone is presented by club chefs and the meal is made even better by all the dishes each forayer brings to the table!

When and where

During the mushroom season (from September to May), SOMA leads monthly forays on the Saturday morning following the Thursday night meeting. Forays are usually at Salt Point State Park. Meet no later than 1000 (0945 is better!) at the Woodside Campground picnic area parking lot right past the entrance kiosk where you must deposit $8 per vehicle. We encourage car pooling (arranged on your own, please) because parking can be an issue.

Please Note:

As a consequence of State Park permit requirements:

To find out when the next foray will be, check out the events calendar.

Nine things to bring on a Foray

  1. Collecting basket or paper bag with handles
  2. Wax bags or small paper bags to separate species species (plastic and mushrooms do not mix well)
  3. A 10x hand lens or small magnifying glass
  4. Water bottle and a snack
  5. A notebook, pen, and a small Mushroom field guide can be useful
  6. Small digging tool or knife to pick the mushrooms (including their bases)
  7. A whistle and compass (on your smart phones!) is handy to locate your fellow foragers if you get off trail or turned around
  8. Hat and/or rain gear, sturdy hiking footwear, daypack
  9. A potluck dish for 8-10 people, utensils*, and a good appetite

*Please bring your own plates, flatware, and glassware. We do not leave any of our trash behind--especially in the fire pit.

Contact information

For more specific info about the forays, feel free to contact the foray leader: