Golden Chanterelles and Leeks in Apricot, Pomegranate, and Tarragon Brandy Cream

by Patrick Hamilton

Serving Size: 4
Preparation Time: 30 minutes



  1. Dice or pull apart the mushrooms (to do this start at the stem bottom and pull a little upwards—it will result in long pieces). If they are wet then dry sauté in a hot pan with salt scattered on the bottom and no fat, then add fat and leeks. If dry then sauté in the butter with the leeks and onions until both are well cooked.
  2. Add the jam and stir in, add the wine and reduce au sec (until dry). Add the brandy.
  3. Add the cream over high heat and allow the mushrooms to absorb ¾ of it. Whisk to keep the emulsion and help prevent the cream from separating (the fresher the cream the better). Add the tarragon. Plate and place pomegranate seeds on top. May garnish with tarragon stem.

Serving ideas

Serve with some kind of rice or toast rounds

About the chef

Patrick Hamilton is a SOMA member and graduate of the California Culinary Academy. Patrick has been a corporate chef, executive chef, catering company owner, food consultant, and columnist. He was David Arora's foray chef for several years, was a demonstration chef at many MSSF events, and leads the SOMA Camp kitchen. He has served thousands of people many mushroom dishes.