Mushroom Picking Rules & Regulations

Picking wild mushrooms is restricted on many public lands, but some areas do allow gathering for personal use. Rules and regulations can and do change, so before loading up your basket, please make sure to check the latest policies regarding mushroom gathering on public lands.

Sonoma County Parks

Picking mushrooms is not allowed in any of the regional, city, or town parks in Sonoma County. Just don't do it.

California State Parks

There is currently only one California state park in our area that allows mushroom collecting for personal use :

There is a bag limit of three pounds of mushrooms per person per day, and commercial picking of any kind is not allowed. Fines are steep for infringements—up to $300—so try to avoid the temptation to sneak an extra one in your pocket!


California state demonstration forest, not part of the State Parks system. Jackson is the largest of CAL FIRE's eight demonstration state forests. Located in the middle of California's coastal redwood region, on the western edge of Mendocino County at Fort Bragg.┬áIt's a great place to go find mushrooms -- as long as individuals have the proper permit.  Group events require a Special Use Permit.

More info: Jackson State Forest

National Forests (USFS)

Collecting mushrooms for personal/non-commercial use in National Forests is usually allowed with a free permit. You can pick up the permit at the headquarters of the National Forest you're visiting. Restrictions vary among the individual National Forests, so make sure to find out the specifics when picking up your permit.

National Parks (NPS)

Picking mushrooms is only allowed in some of the National Parks. As always, check with the specific National Park to check their rules and regulations.

In our area, mushroom gathering for personal use at Point Reyes National Seashore is allowed: 8 liters (2 gallons) plus 1 mushroom per adult per day. The only exception is during the special MycoBlitz foray.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Collecting mushrooms is allowed in many recreation areas managed by BLM, but the rules, restrictions, and permit requirements vary depending on the area. Contact the appropriate field office for specific info.

Private property

It's never okay to pick mushrooms on private land without permission—always ask first.