Growing Mushrooms

Highlights from a recent cultivation workshop

by Tom Cruckshank

Cultivation logsThese photos depict some logs with Shiitake mushrooms fruiting on them and a basket of harvested mushrooms. In the photos, one log is just starting to fruit. I made two of these logs at the 2009 SOMA Camp and one at a subsequent Shiitake growing workshop at the house of SOMA Cultivation guru, Ben Schmid.

It was a fun and easy exercise to make the logs. Drill some holes, tap the plugs in, and seal with wax. Then I cared for the logs during the past year by keeping moist under burlap bags. I was a bit tardy with the fruiting procedure and there were some large fruit bodies on a couple of logs when I removed the bags (eaten now). I soaked the logs in a plastic trash barrel for 2 days (inverting half way through to ensure all were well soaked). These pictures are about 3 weeks later. The Shiitake are incredibly scrumptious. Hot & Sour Soup is a favorite with Shiitake. Thank you Ben for all you do!

Recipe for Hot & Sour Soup

Shiitake mushrooms