SOMA Groups

SOMA Groups are subsets of SOMA members who share special interests in working with mushrooms, from cooking to growing to identifying them. One of the benefits of being a SOMA member is the opportunity to join the groups and share these interests with others.

Culinary Group

sauteing chanterelles

Sautéing chanterelles.
Photo © Darvin DeShazer.

The SOMA Culinary Group is a bunch of food professionals and amateur devotees focused on squeezing the most flavor out of their mushrooms. They learn about flavor components and pairing mushrooms with complementary ingredients and wines, while enjoying the company of others who share their passions for foraging and cooking with wild mushrooms.

Members expand their knowledge of cooking with wild mushrooms through a variety of activities:

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Cultivation Group

cultivated shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
photo © Dan Harriman

The SOMA Cultivation Group focuses on the joy and fun—as well as the practicality—of growing your own mushrooms at home. The group educates the public about cultivating mushrooms, and makes kits to help people get started. Cultivating some species can be challenging, so why not join with fellow enthusiasts and get started on the right foot?

For more info, contact the group leader , (707) 575-4778.

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West Coast Mushroom Identification Group

Dermocybe phoenicea var. occidentalis

Dermocybe phoenicea var. occidentalis
photo © Darvin DeShazer

The SOMA West Coast Mushroom Identification is an online Yahoo group devoted to digital photos of mushrooms and other fungi. Members post mushroom photos and help each other with identification.

Mushroom identification can be tricky, and joining this group is a great way to strengthen your identification chops. And while getting an exact ID from a photo alone is difficult, the group can often at least point you in the right direction. Of course, you should never eat a mushroom identified only from photos.

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